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广西11选5遗漏数据:Keep your love 💖 alive with the February Gift Guide 🎁

Feb 20, 2019

广西11选5走势图表 www.f760.cn It’s the month of love, and the Valentine’s Day flowers from last week are wilting, and your chocolates are probably long gone. Find a love that lasts with our February Gift Guide, featuring products so loveable they’ll make your heart skip a beat.

    Ditch the fancy dinner reservations and opt for the heartfelt gift of Reserve. Reserve includes resveratrol, an ingredient that’s been a longtime love of scientists who have done DECADES of research on its heart-friendly benefits.

    Our February-exclusive promotions feature Reserve to help sweeten this month of love and heart health. Check them out in Joffice, under Event Packages.

  2. NV
    Beauty that loves you back, the NV collection boasts Beauty With Benefits, aka skin-loving ingredients. A must-have in any makeup bag, it delivers a flawless look in minutes.

    Whether you need to “makeup” with a special someone or keep it allllll for yourself (we won’t judge!), NV is the gift of perfection – award-winning BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, that is.

    Buy NV in a Valentine’s Day Special package in Joffice, under Event Packages.

    Since RVL launched, it has been nothing but a hair love affair. Taking over showers everywhere – as well as social media feeds – it’s an alluring and uplifting experience that takes your hair from “blah” to bombshell. What’s not to love about that?


    Lumi love: (n.) Giving someone your last bottle of Luminesce, no matter how much you covet it.

    If the person to whom you gift your Luminesce is lucky enough to have you in their life, well, they already know you’re a keeper … especially, if you’re willing to fork over your last bottle!

    But this month you’re lucky, too, because you have an excuse to get MORE Luminesce. It’s the month of love, and hey, more Luminesce means more to love.


    Roses are red, and RevitaBlū is for Your Best You. This #PowerfulWellness blend has ingredients so sought-after, they’re legendary in their pure form. Dare we say, even better than chocolate? ??

    Give it or keep it – either way, you’ll love it. Find it at a special price in the 8 Makes You Great Combo Package in Joffice, under Event Packages.

  6. M1ND
    Remember the one you love this month with M1ND. Inspired by Eastern medicine, M1ND features clinically proven silk protein hydrolysate, which supports memory, and L-theanine, which helps reduce mental distraction. You and your significant other might end up taking a trip together … down memory lane. Imagine how sweet that will be.

    Get M1ND in the 8 Makes You Great Combo Package (Canada only) or on the M1ND product page.

  7. NEVO
    For the person you like more than a “latte,” get them going with Nevo. We’d venture to say it’s not only the smart choice, but it’s Cupid’s choice, too.

    Canada: While February may be cold, you can fast-forward to the season you love – spring – with Nevo and Reserve when you buy our Reserve Spring for Nevo package. It’s available in limited quantities in Joffice, under Event Packages.

Why just settle for celebrating love for one day? Fall in love all February long with these Gift Guide essentials.

*Packages are available in Joffice, under Event Packages from 10 a.m. ET Feb. 1, 2019, to 11:59 p.m. ET Feb. 28, 2019. Purchase limit varies by package. Nonrefundable. No exchanges. This blog is intended for the North America audience.

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