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11选5任选3稳赚方案:ZP8 30 Day Challenge: Turn improved habits into phenomenal results

Mar 1, 2019 | ZEN Bodi

广西11选5走势图表 www.f760.cn We all know dieting is hard. REALLY hard. Especially when things like National Doughnut Day, the extended holiday season – with National Bacon Day right in the middle of it – and other events interfere with your plan to stay “on plan.” As January and February have come and gone, it’s likely your weight management resolutions have followed suit.

Well, if you think you can’t bounce back after an indulgent Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day, think again!

The ZP8 30 Day Challenge for Distributors in North America was created to help people no matter where they are in their weight management journey. The driving force of the Jeunesse ZEN BODI system, ZEN Project 8 is different than fad diets because it’s not a diet. ZP8 is a lifestyle program. The best part about ZP8, though, is that you’ll be guided through 3 easy-to-follow phases with premium ZEN BODI products, expert coaching and the amazing “can’t fail” reinforcement that comes from the support of the always active ZP8 community of like-minded participants.

It starts with you taking stock of your daily habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Consider the theory that your body is a vehicle. To run optimally, it needs premium “fuel” and routine oil changes. If you don’t take care of your car, it will become sluggish and prone to breaking down. The same goes with your body – it needs daily maintenance to function at peak condition.

So, back to the ZP8 30 Day Challenge. You might be wondering: “Is 30 days enough time to see results?” Take it from ZEN Co creator and Brand Ambassador Mark Macdonald, those who make their health a priority and shift their mindset can see results that exceed their expectations.

“The most important thing is you just have to get in the game and start the process,” Mark says. “Once you’re able to do that and build momentum, things start to work more and more. It’s all about setting you up to win.”

Speaking of winning, how would you like to win more than just a slimmer waistline?


As our contest recurs every month throughout 2019, you and other participants can simplify weight management with premium ZEN BODI products and healthy lifestyle habits. From the participants, one lucky winner each month will be chosen (based 50% on their results and 50% on their story) to win free products and a 60-minute consultation with Mark Macdonald.


  • ZEN BODI products
  • 60-minute personal consult with ZEN Co-creator Mark Macdonald
  • And more!

That’s not all! Monthly winners will also have the chance to win the grand prize!


  • Trip to LEAD Jeunesse North America 2020
  • ZEN Ignite Package
  • ZEN Thrive Package

CHALLENGE STARTS: 12:01 A.M. U.S. ET FEB. 1, 2019

If you feel like you’ve missed out on signing up, don’t worry. The ZP8 30 Day Challenge is a rolling challenge – it starts again each month through 2019. You can start aiming for results in 30 days anytime in 2019, and simply submit your 30-day results by the 1st of the following month to be eligible to win that month’s challenge.

March 1 is right around the corner, so start planning your path to new, healthier habits. It’s the perfect time to join the ZP8 30 Day Challenge and see how far you can go to transform your body and your life. Every day counts.


P.S. Mark Macdonald offers his best coaching tips during a Facebook Live episode at 9 p.m. ET every Wednesday night. Make sure you tune in with the ZEN Project 8 Facebook community!

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